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The "Neuro-Scienterrific" Benefits of Gratitude!

September 13, 2023 Heidi Bylsma-Epperson and Christina Motley Season 1 Episode 58
Revelation Within On the Go!
The "Neuro-Scienterrific" Benefits of Gratitude!
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Ever craved sugar for that hit of dopamine and feel-good emotions? There is a way better strategy for getting a dopamine rush! In this episode, we take a thrilling journey into the neuroscience of gratitude, revealing the astonishing ways this simple yet powerful practice can not only stimulate the brain's reward pathways and release dopamine, but also rewire our minds, enhance our moods, and ultimately transform our lives.

Our discussion doesn't stop there. We dive deeper into the scientific realm of gratitude, taking a look at how it activates the brain's hypothalamus, the benefits this brings for sleep quality, and the potential it has to increase empathy and social connection. We also share tangible examples and exerciseas to help you incorporate this life-changing practice into your everyday routine. From unleashing a dopamine rush without the sugar crash to fostering stronger, more pro-social bonds, tune in and discover the transformative power of gratitude!

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