Thin Within On the Go!

Special Edition ~ Heidi's Story

November 05, 2022 Heidi Bylsma-Epperson and Christina Motley Season 1 Episode 13
Thin Within On the Go!
Special Edition ~ Heidi's Story
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Heidi released 100 pounds using the Thin Within principles and a healthy dose of renewing her mind. After settling into a healthy size and experiencing freedom and peace with food, eating, and her body, a health crisis  threatened her life in 2014. Heidi became extremely thin. 

Twice daily antibiotics (for the rest of her life) might have been at least partially responsible for Heidi's extreme weight gain even as she continued to lead the Thin Within Ministry.  Numerous times she tried to run from this calling, but the Lord wouldn't allow her to escape! 

In this episode, Christina interviews Heidi about her health, weight, walk with Jesus, convictions, and obedience.  

Join us to find out what had to shift in order for Heidi to become aligned with her calling.

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