Thin Within On the Go!

Surviving the Holidays: Part 2

November 02, 2022 Heidi Bylsma-Epperson and Christina Motley Season 1 Episode 12
Thin Within On the Go!
Surviving the Holidays: Part 2
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The holidays are upon us! How can we avoid overeating when the tastiness of the season is all around us?

Thin Within can help us survive the holidays without falling prey to overeating. By being mindful eaters, we can listen to our bodies and select a "just right" portion of whatever food our bodies enjoy. While we may choose to exercise our freedom to select "whole body pleasers,"  we do NOT restrict!

What strategies can you use to avoid a holiday eating slip, stumble, or fall? This episode is a continuation of the conversation we began in our previous episode: Surviving the Holidays: Part 1. 

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(Cont.) Surviving the Holidays: Part 2