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Joyful Eating?

October 19, 2022 Heidi Bylsma-Epperson and Christina Motley Season 1 Episode 10
Revelation Within On the Go!
Joyful Eating?
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Show Notes

What is peaceful eating? What is joyful eating? Is it possible to come to a place of being at peace with food and eating? YES! In fact, our God has wired our bodies for shalom. Peace!

When we are eating "just right portions," we can do so with joy and delight. God has given us food to bless us--not to torment us!

In this episode, Christina and Heidi talk about what joyful eating looks like and how YOU can do it and, no, it doesn't mean inhaling a box or bag of this or that without gaining weight. Not at all!

As always, we invite you to come to ThinWithin.Team to join our community. Christina has posted 100s of photos of beautiful examples of meals in "just right" (for her) portion sizes. Come on over and have a look. Eating was never done with so much joy as when our very own Christina shows how it can be done!

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